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Scaling Django with gevent

by Mahendra M (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


The objective of this talk is to introduce the audience to event driven programming with gevent and then to cover scenarios in django where gevent can be used for better scalability and load handling. This is helpful in cases where as part of a request handler, multiple n/w or I/O steps are executed in serial. However, these can be done in parallel using event driven frameworks like gevent, without losing the simplicity of the django framework and avoiding using complex event driven frameworks (such as twisted).

The talk will also cover the speaker's experiences (good and bad) with using other event driven frameworks (as explained in Pycon 2010 - http://in.pycon.org/2010/talks/48-twisted-programming).

The talk will also cover our products' migration from twisted to gevent/django


The talk will cover the following

  • Basic Introduction to event driven programming with gevent
  • Scenarios in django which can make use of gevent
  • Using django + gevent - benefits and issues (w.r.t to db usage, concurrancy, complexity etc.)
  • Using django + gevent + celery
  • Running django + gevent sites - using gunicorn
  • A demo of performance improvements (if time permits)

Speaker bio

Mahendra has been working on FOSS technologies since 1998 and is currently working as a Solutions Architect in Infosys. He has delivered talks in various FOSS conferences (FOSS.in, Linux-Bangalore and Bang!inux) on wide range of topics (Sysadmin, development, Linux kernel, NetBSD).

Mahendra has been developing server side products and solutions using Python for the last six years.

He has been involved in promoting FOSS technologies in various positions (BLUG co-ordinator, manager for FOSS.in, Linux Bangalore etc.)