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Shake the very fabric of django deployment woes

by Anuvrat Parashar (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


There cometh a day in lives of every Django developer when they wonder whether there was a way to reduce the time spent in altering the settings file before every deployment, be it on their staging / production servers. Well there is, and thats what this tutorial intends to address.

Salient Features:

  • Managing multiple settings file.

  • Automating the deployment process with Fabric.

  • Integrating above two with your source code management system

Save time deploying and spend it developing.


The session can be broadly broken up into following phases:

-A short interactive introduction to Django just to get the audience revved up. A demo on what we would do for deployment when we don't have fabric at our disposal.

-A breif introduction to fabric and demonstration of magical deployment using it.

-A detailed introduction to the features of Fabric will come next after which we we shall have a discussion and dicover what we could accomplish using fabric.

Speaker bio

An Open Source Enthusiast and Evangelist, avid Linux user who has been passionate about everything Python ever since he came to know about it. He is currently employed as a developer by Reviews42.com and spends his weekdays dabbling with their codebase. More about him can be found at his website .