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Useless Python

by t3rmin4t0r (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


Exploring the fringes of Python's engine (CPython/PyPy) & language's quirks.


Not everything we do is really about work. Sometimes, what we do is really about having fun.

What I do with python is to make it do silly things that never need to be done. Some of it might be useful, but most of it is completely useless, but merely serves as gateways to understanding python from the inside-out.

This is an unnecessary exercise in complexity.

Speaker bio

I've been programming in python for the last 10 years. I don't claim to do anything world changing with it, short of my blog which runs python in the back.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 913 days ago

    Please use your real name in submissions. We will reject the ones without the real name. Thanks - Admin.

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    [-] t3rmin4t0r 914 days ago (edited 914 days ago)

    Here's a sample, which is too big to fit in here


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