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Openstack: Open source software for building private and public clouds written in Python.

by Atul Jha (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


Learn about Openstack and its components. In the end of the session attendee should be able to understand about the Openstack project and start making contribution to the project.


Openstack is Open source software for building private and public clouds. Within 2 years it has over 3000 contributors and 180 plus enterprise participation like Canonical, RedHat, Rackspace, Intel, HP, DELL, others . Its written in Python which makes it easy for newbies get associated with the project.

Session outline :

  1. Introduction to Openstack 5 mins

  2. Components (compute/objectstore/image service/dashboard) 15 mins

  3. Use case 10 mins

  4. Demo (depends on the Internet) 10 mins

  5. How to contribute. 5 mins

Speaker bio

Currently working as Technology Evangelist- CSS R&D Labs at CSS Corp, Chennai with focus area around cloud computing and Openstack to be specific.

Also contributing to Openstack project as core doc-team member.


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    [-] Vaidik Kapoor 920 days ago

    This is a personal request. I am really interested in attending this session but I will be happier if this is converted into a proper tutorial.

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    [-] Atul Jha 920 days ago

    @vaidik I am not sure if logistics support for the same. And at same time i want to present it to everyone and am not sure if everyone would be interested sitting in 3 hours tutorial session.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 919 days ago

    Thanks for the talk submission. Please use your real-name in your submissions, otherwise we may not be able to evaluate the submission - Admin.

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    [-] anusha kadambala 909 days ago

    @Atul I am also intrested in 3 hr tutorial session

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    [-] Shanmugam P 881 days ago


    Where is this event planned ?

    • Shanmu

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    [-] selva kumar 878 days ago

    Hi Atul, I am glad to see this topic in pycon. I am very much interested in Cloud and contribute to OpenStack. I have completed cloudu certification hosted by Rackspace on cloud. So i have idea on cloud but I would like to explore and contribute on OpenStack. Could you please give guidance on this session. 3 hr tutuorial session or your own style to deliver it, anything ok for me. Thanks in advance

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      [-] RajaGopalan Varadan 875 days ago

      Hi Selva,

      (this reply is not advertisement, marketing or spam) :-)

      We can help with Openstack learning. We're planning to demo a full openstack (scripted) install during the next openstack meet in chennai. Also, we are trying to build a cloud based learning platform and have openstack cloud in the backend for the same. If you want to contribute, please drop a mail to rajagopalan@edcellence.in. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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    [-] Vikas Kumar Choudhary 876 days ago

    Please upload the slides

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    [-] Amit Mutreja 876 days ago

    please upload slides

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    [-] Atul Jha 875 days ago

    Please find the slide along with http://www.slideshare.net/koolhead17/pycon-india

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