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Introduction to PyGObject - Gtk, GStreamer & other Gnome API

by Dhananjay Sathe (speaking)

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Introduce one to the new PyGObject which exposes the wealth of the powerful new GObject Introspection of some of the most extensively used python bindings like Gtk , GStreamer, GLib among others.


PyGtk , PyGst and a lot of other core gnome bindings have long been used for rapid development of a variety of GUI and utilities .

With the advent of the Gnome 3 desktop a lot has changed and is here to stay. It's about time you made the switch to this new fast and elegant API for the most popular desktop environment in Linux. Most scattered static API like Gtk , GStreamer , LibNotify , GLib and many others have now been unified into the dynamic GObject Introspection interface.

The main hurdles happen to be the lack of code samples and resources dealing with the same. This talk aims to initiate you to the new methods, practices and changes in the code, cleaning up the load of deprecated cruft, keep apace with the latest changes and get your code up and running.

Speaker bio

I am currently a final year Electronics student at BITS Pilani Goa. I have been programming in python for around 5 years and love hacking my Linux rig ever since i first set it up 9 years back and actively contribute to local LUG and GDG. I also contribute code to a few open source projects like Gnome, Zeitgeist ,Tweepy (New Py3 port), iPython and primarily Samba and am the creator and author of the gnome-3-wp utility for Gnome 3. I am currently amidst second GSoC with the Samba Project and am involved with Samba-Gtk tool.

When free I love, hanging out on the beautiful beaches of Goa , driving through the highways, expirementing and exploring new flavours of Booze and brews.I also happen to be an avid trekker and adventure sports enthusiast.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 922 days ago

    Hi Dhananjay,

    Considering the level of technical detail, would it make more sense to give this as a tutorial ?


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