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Artificial Intelligence using Python

by Adwait Sharma (speaking)

Scientific Computing
Session type
Technical level


This talk aims at the following points :

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
  2. How Artificial Intelligence can be used for developing 'smarter' software ?
  3. Python AI Libraries


In this talk, I will give a quick course on AI and implementation of Identification trees and Constraint Propagation in Python.

This talk mainly aims at Python AI Libraries :

  1. AIMA - Python implementation for Algorithms like Tree-Search, Queue, A* and many more.

  2. OpenCV - With more than 500 functions including Face Recognition.

  3. PyBrain - Machine Learning Library for Python which can be used to test and compare different algorithms.

  4. NLTK - It provides a practical introduction to programming for Language Processing.

And if time permits, I will give a demo of some intelligent bots developed in Python.

Speaker bio

Adwait Sharma is a final year student in Computer Science at RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He has published some International Research papers and has been contributing in Mozilla since 4 years.

Apart from Coding and R&D activities, Adwait likes chocolate and irritating people.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    A gentle note - We have had generic talks submitted in AI in PyCon India over the years. I suggest rather than an overarching talk on Python and AI, it would be nice if you could pick a specific project or library and then discuss it in detail.

    If you want to cover Python/AI in general and walk through a number of tools and/or applications like bots, I suggest to make this a tutorial since you would get more time to go in depth and demo your apps - Thanks - Admin.

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      [-] Adwait Sharma 921 days ago

      Dear Mr. Anand, Thanks for pointing it out. I have made some changes in my description and objective. Please have a look.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 910 days ago

    Thanks - I would still suggest this as a tutorial as the content is too big for a talk.

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      [-] Adwait Sharma 910 days ago

      Thanks, But I will cut-short the introduction of AI and will be mainly focusing on the libraries.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 909 days ago

    Sounds good. Thanks for the clarification. Kindly update the description to mention this as evaluators may not look at comments.

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    [-] Vikas Kumar Choudhary 876 days ago

    Hi Adewait I am not able to see slides,,, please upload them

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