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Rails for Django developers

by Shabda Raaj (speaking)

Web Development
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Django has emerged as the most used Python web framework. Rails is the most used Ruby web framework.

Being a polyglot is one of the best way to write better code. Ergo, learning Rails will make you a better Django developer.


We will look at how Django concepts map to Rails concepts.


Rails Controller -> Django Views
config/rotes.rb -> urls.py
Rails view -> Django templates
(... etc)

We will look at the Django poll app and a Rails poll app and compare them.

We will look at some areas where Rails is better, and Django needs to learn from Rails.

(Eg Rails routing is way simpler than Django urls.)

Speaker bio

Shabda Raaj is a developer at Agiliq, where he builds amazing apps. He has been programming with Python for about 5 years and Django for about 3. He loves working with Python and always amazed how giving Python and the larger open source community is. He hopes to make a more beautiful world through writing software.

His open source contributions in Python are at Agiliq Github and his Rails apps are on his personal github account.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 910 days ago

    Is this a Django vs Rails comparison talk ? Or a mapping talk from Rails to Django ? Are there any unique perspectives you plan to bring out rather than information one can pick from the web on this topic ?

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      [-] Shabda Raaj 903 days ago

      Its not a Rails vs Django talk, its a no-advocacy talk on how a Django dev can get started with Rails.

      While there are some Django vs Rails talks, there are no mapping between Django->Rails articles, some which are related also target older versions of Django/Rails.

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        [-] Asif Aslam 898 days ago

        In that case this talk should be a good one for RubyCon or RailsCon? What is it doing for PyCon??

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          [-] Shabda Raaj 898 days ago

          Asif, This talk is:

          1. I Assume you are a Django dev.
          2. You want to build rails apps.
          3. What the best way to apply your Django knowledge to learn rails quickly.

          Please see my first paragraph:

          "Being a polyglot is one of the best way to write better code. Ergo, learning Rails will make you a better Django developer."

          If I was speaking at RailsCon, I would be talking about "Django for the rails developer".

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            [-] Asif Aslam 897 days ago

            edit your comments to correct the typos.

            Honestly, I'm part of the mostly-silent majority of polyglot programmers that choose the best language for the job and have grown increasingly weary of Rubyists wheel invention and focus on rock star programming and rock star rants. It's the only community that I find socially insufferable, and while an unpopular opinion here, I don't relish the notion of Rubyist culture. Culture aside, simply technologically, Ruby has nothing significant to offer as compared to the many existing languages and technology stacks, especially those pushing forward language and runtime research. The only argument for Ruby here seems to be opening the market to developers unwilling to move beyond it.

            And as per your talk goes, you seem to be talking less polyglot more that you know python+ruby. A polyglot would have included scala, clojure, haskell etc. in a subtle manner and then displayed the good points of each, rather than helping django devs dive into deep shit, what ruby/rails is.

            The lesser number of upvotes on your talks, reflect it as well. The community would surely not want such a talk.

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              [-] Raison Emmanuel Dsouza 877 days ago

              @Asif Pretty harsh comments .. Please don't pass judgements on a talk even before its been given .. @Shabda I'm sure the community will welcome this talk .

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