Redis & Python

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Authors Sunil Arora
Talk Type tutorial
Level Beginner
Topic Databases
Tags NoSQL datastores, Redis, Redis-py

Redis has been gaining lot of popularity in the community and is being used in very interesting ways in the industry to solve some really complex problems. It is also one of the most popular NoSQL data stores around. The main focus of the talk is to introduce Redis to python community, discuss its strengths and usage pattern. The talk will also focus on the various libraries and tools like redis-py, retools etc. to demonstrate how Redis is accessed in an Python environment.

  1. Redis - brief overview
  2. Usage pattern - discuss use cases to demonstrate how Redis is being used in the industry today.
  3. Python libraries/tools - demonstrate how Redis can be accessed in python environ using libraries like redis-py, retools etc.
Profile of the authors

Sunil is a passionate programmer with more than 7 years of experience in software product development. He has been using python for over two years and currently works for an internet startup ShopSocially where the entire backend is developed using Python.

Sunil blogs at and tweets at @_sunil.

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Redis_N_Python_pycon_2011.ppt 1.4 MB september 5, 2011 This is work in progress and I will be iterating over next couple of days to complete it.

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