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Test your web app with Selenium

by Anisha Narang (speaking)

Technical level


To enable the participants to write automated tests for web applications. This will be a hands on session where you will get introduced to Selenium and gradually move towards writing tests using Selenium with Python bindings. This will include a brief on selenium, play and record using Selenium IDE, writing and maintaining the test scripts and test report generation.


This workshop is tailored for beginners willing to learn Selenium with Python as last year's talk on the same received a vibrant response from the audience.

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Brief about test automation and why/how is it a need
  • Application under test will be provided to the participants, will start with the installations and setup
  • Put your first step -> use Selenium IDE and record/playback your test
  • Get introduced to the Webdriver API (Selenium Python bindings)
  • Start writing test scripts
  • Learn how to generate test reports using HTMLTestRunner.py
  • Brief on Lettuce and some of the best practices to follow


  • Preferred OS: Linux based (Fedora preferred)
  • Browser: Firefox

Speaker bio

Anisha works at Red Hat, Pune and has been handling most of the QA responsibilities in her teamfor nearly 2 years now. She writes test automation scripts, mostly for web UI. Worked with Selenium(with Python), Cucumber + Watir-webdriver and explored a couple of other tools. She enjoys testing at work and is keen on attending events/conferences happening in and around the city.




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    [-] Kracekumar Ramaraju 259 days ago
    • Does the workshop handle the testing strategies for Single Page Application built using backbone or angularjs ?
    • Does the workshop require internet connection ?
    • Will user test already existing webapp hosted in the internet or webapp will be provided to user during the workshop ?

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      [-] Anisha Narang 256 days ago

      I will try providing the participants with the AUT(Application under test), so as to avoid dependency on internet connectivity. Yes, it will cover some aspect of single page web apps.

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    [-] Jitendra Vyas 196 days ago

    Is it only for developer interested in Python?
    Why linux is prefered os? Firefox is available on all platform.

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      [-] Anisha Narang 188 days ago

      This workshop is for those who want to learn to use Selenium for testing their web application. Not limited to developers or testers. Selenium is compatible with other languages as well but for now we 'll be using Python in this workshop(Python at PyCon!). Preferred OS is Linux based because of simple installation steps, you can use others as well.

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    [-] Arkin Dharawat 167 days ago

    How much knowledge of python does one need to have to attend this,also does knowing Js help?

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      [-] Anisha Narang 166 days ago


      Basic knowledge of python is required, this talk is of beginner level. You will basically get introduced to web application testing using Selenium Python bindings.

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