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ConnectX: The Serial Emulator Application

by Sagar Joshi (speaking)

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ConnectX is a stand alone serial emulator application (GUI) built entirely in python that helps user communicate with USB devices like micro-controllers and plot real time graphs from the data acquired. User has to simply specify parameters to establish connection and can plot graphs with click of a button. The objective is to make the viewers understand the scope and range of application development in python with ConnectX as the standard.


ConnectX is a stand alone serial emulator application (GUI) built entirely in python. It is a blend of Tkinter, Matplotlib and Pyserial libraries working in harmony to achieve serial communication and plotting real time simulation graphs from the data acquired. ConnectX is a example of how python powered applications can be better alternatives, with all the standard features and more, thanks to the rich array of python libraries.

The talk would give a overview of this project and the future scope/improvements for such endeavors in python application development.

Features include: 1.Easy Connection: ConnectX gives a list of active ports. User has to enter 'COM' name and baud-rate(standard radio-button input or custom entry)

2.Status-bar: Dynamically changing connection status(connected/error), COM name, baud-rate, data-logging (on/off)

3.Graph-plotting:If the data is in the form of columns or of the form velocity:[HTML_REMOVED] time:[HTML_REMOVED] ConnectX can plot graph. The application can be modified to plot graphs for any type of data. . Just enter colour, dot type, titles to plot. Inbuilt features like zoom, pan, instantaneous display of co-ordinates for displayed graph

4.Live-plotting:Enables instantaneously updating graph plotting simulation. Data so acquired can be monitored through instantaneously updating graph

5.Convenient data display: Large text-box for data display,auto-scroll check-box, clear text-box button, save-load data, data logging (saving data up to certain point).

6.Stand alone application: The application has been packaged to .exe using py2exe library.

ConnectX was launched at product-launch event at 'Shaastra' the annual technical festival of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) as a Python powered alternative to other Serial Emulation software.


Projector screen

Speaker bio

Sagar is a undergraduate engineering student at IIT Madras studying in Engineering Design department . For him python was literally a love at first sight..!! python programming is a part of daily life for him. Sagar also designs games in Python for windows and android platform and has children educational games operational for NGOs.


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    [-] Sagar Joshi 269 days ago

    Nice work!!

    I graduated from IITM too! Let me know if you need any help.

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    [-] Aravind Krishnaswamy 229 days ago

    Is this open source? Can you provide links to the code?

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