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Development to Production

by Anubhav Sinha (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Technical level


To discuss a no-nonsense write once run anywhere, very easy to setup python development workflow using modern tools like Vagrant, Docker, Drone and more.


A new developer joins some team which is developing some software A and now it takes ages for the new developer to setup the development environment because of the dependency hell. Moreover, software A is meant to run on OS Z, but this new developer loves working on his favorite editor E which doesn't ship for OS Z and s/he is now stuck with a compromise while working on OS Z. And if none of these then, the new developer just finds out that his/her fixes do work on the development environment but refuses to run in production setup due to some known mismatch that the team knew but s/he missed because of being new in the team. I bet most of you have experienced at least one or more of these problems even after years of experience as developers. Not any more. We will discuss a real write once and forget solution with no-nonsense and within a minute development environment setup using hot tools and technologies like Vagrant and Docker. We will also discuss Drone, a light and easy solution for Continuous Integration compared to Jenkins.The ideas discussed here can be used for any other programming language development workflow, useful not only to Python. But, this discussion will be Python specific.


Some knowledge of vagrant and Docker will be helpful but not a deal breaker. This talk will give you required knowledge of all of the tools required.

We will discuss:

  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • The development workflow
  • Drone (for CI)

Speaker bio

Anubhav Sinha works for a fast growing startup, Flux7 Labs, Texas, Austin. For past several years he has been mostly involved with web application engineering for the cloud platforms like GAE and AWS. He also has experience in building predictive models using Machine Learning and loves doing Data Science with the Internet of things. He is an Amazon certified architect+developer and a Google certified digital marketeer.


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    [-] Baiju Muthukadan 271 days ago

    Please provide links to your profile and slides and videos from your previous sessions; anything that'll help folks decide if they want to attend your session.

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    [-] Anubhav Sinha 239 days ago (edited 239 days ago)

    Hey, Sorry for late reply.
    Docker is pretty new stuff. I haven't done a talk on this technique/solution before. Did talks on Anomaly detection/Machine Learning etc but got no video for that.
    However I did a blog post for one of my projects which was presented at DevOpsDay2014, Silicon Valley just few days back. It's related to how I used docker for implementing multi-tenancy without changing the application which supported single account.
    Here's my post: http://flux7.com/blogs/author/anubhav/
    I am wondering if the title of my talk should be changed to "Using Docker to Improve Web Developer Productivity", but I was planning to actually talk about CI and stuffs too, because many startups and enterprises really struggle to get this whole "dev to production pipeline" right.Still thinking.. What do you suggest??

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