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Document your code

by Kushal Das (speaking)

Technical level


To learn how to write documentation for your codebases. Documentation is the key for communication and developers are the best person to start writing it. Projects can succeed or fail because of their documentation.


In the workshop the people will be introduced to reStructuredText & sphinx. Starting from quick-start of a project to document organization, code and topic cross-referencing, indexing. We will also go through running tests from your documentation, initial ideas on themes and deployment in readthedocs.
Last year this workshop was very well accepted among the participants.

Quick summary of the workshop

  • Introduction to reStructuredText
  • Introduction to sphinx
  • A project structure with docs
  • hands-on tutorial with sphinx
  • Integration with readthedocs


The participants should be able to start working on documentation of their respective projects or start contributing to other projects using sphinx and other tools.


  • python-sphinx
  • An open mind to learn

Speaker bio

Kushal Das is a core developer of CPython. He is a Fedora Ambassador and also fellow of Python Software Foundation.

He is a regular speaker in different technical conferences including previous PyCon(s) and also does Python workshops in various events & engineering colleges.

He also wrote a beginner Python book called Python for you and me which is targeted to the students for fast paced learning and available freely online .