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Logging on Steroids - How we manage logs at Inmobi

by Ajay Yadav (speaking)

Technical level


This talk aims to share some best practices and tips on logging and introducing tools for a scalable setup for logging, collection of logs and parsing/visualizing interesting metrics derived from them. If your application or webserver writes logs then this is the talk for you.


This talk will introduce some best practices around logging in Python(we will use Django as an example) web apps and how to get the maximum out of it. We will cover use case for both webserver logs and application logs and alternative formats for logs like json. We will cover some advanced features in python library and will move on to a full fledged architecture to write, collect, parse and visualize logs from a cluster of application(s) using open source tools like Logstash, Elasticsearch etc.

Speaker bio

I have almost 7 years of experience in building scalable web applications. I have been working with Python and Django since last 3 years. Currently, I lead the Python efforts at Inmobi and would like to share with everyone our logging infrastructure setup for the first time.


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    [-] Anand Chitipothu 588 days ago

    Hi Ajay,

    Can you please provide links to your website/blog/twitter etc. and links to slides/videos of your previous talks?

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      [-] Ajay Yadav 586 days ago

      Hi Anand,

      Embarrassing answer is, I have none. This is my first talk, look forward to extra support from the community :)

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    [-] Shashikant Sonawane 538 days ago

    Hi Ajay,
    Can you please share your ppt ?

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