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Applications of Python in Robotics

by Lentin Joseph (speaking)

Embedded Python
Technical level


To give an idea about the interfacing of embedded boards such as arduino and raspberry Pi using python and introduction of various python frameworks used in robotics with focus on topics such as robotic operating system (ROS), image processing libraries (OpenCV), PIL and GUI framework such as PyQT.


Python is extensively used in in the field of robotics mainly because of the easiness in implementation. Some of the popular python frameworks used in robotics are Robotic Operating System(ROS), OpenCV-Python and PyQT

My talk will be divided into the following broad categories:

  • Introduction to robotics and associated technologies

  • Introduction to arduino and interfacing

  • Introduction to raspberry Pi and interfacing

  • Various Python frameworks used in robotics

  • Introduction to ROS framework and importance of rospy

  • Introduction of OpenCV and explantion of python wrapper of OpenCV

  • Introduction to image processing using ROS and Python

  • Introduction to PIL(Python Image Processing Library)

  • Introduction to Python GUI toolkit such as PyQT (with demos and examples)

Speaker bio

Lentin Joseph is a robotics engineer from Kerala currently working with ASIMOV Robotics.

He has more than 4 years of experience working with Python, ROS, OpenCV, OpenNI and PCL with specialization in the domains of robotics image processing , embedded systems and UI designing. He also has experience with devices like arduino, Raspberry pi and Kinect.

You can know more about him and follow here





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    [-] Ankur Gupta 583 days ago

    Is this a workshop or a session of 45 minutes. If it's the latter you scope of the talk is too wide.

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    [-] Lentin Joseph 582 days ago

    Hi Ankur. I think i can give an introduction to all these topic and i hope it can be complete within 45 min.

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