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Making python Interactive and fun using IPython notebook.

by konark modi (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Technical level


This talk aims to introduce some very cool, useful and amazing features that IPython notebook has to offer that makes writing python programs both fun and interactive.


Starting from the very basics of IPython, we shall discuss the following:

  • Overview of IPython notebook UI.
  • The input, Output and history
  • How IPython helps consume and understand documentation of libraries and functions easily and in an efficient manner.
  • The magic of magic functions in IPython
  • Brief overview of underlying functionality of IPython : Kernels and different processes.
  • IPython notebook is not only about code : Various representation styles that come in-built.
  • Brief introduction of IPython Cluster.

Speaker bio

Konark Modi works as Assistant Manager for Website Operations @ MakeMyTrip.com. Major work focus areas include Designing/Writing/Implementing/Maintaining tools for monitoring/alerting purposes. Python/Django are the primary languages that is used in daily operations. Apart from this loves to interact with new technologies and keep updated with the latest happenings in the tech. space.