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Scaling Telephony with Python: The Plivo Learnings

by Nishad Musthafa (speaking)

Technical level


This is a small narrative from our beginnings at Plivo. We are a python company at the core. This talk will describe the various challenges we faced in scaling our architecture at plivo and how we overcame these challenges.


This talk delves into the different ways we approached the architecture of our cloud telephony platform.
Before anything, we will talk about the open source Plivo Telephony Framework that's written completely in Python and how we use that in our cloud. We will then talk about the different architectural models that had been tried at Plivo and discuss about the advantages and shortcomings of each of these models. Finally, we'll go into the many technologies from the Python ecosystem that helped us in scaling and making the most of the infrastructure that we had.


You would stand to gain more out of the talk if you have:
1. Some experience having used a web framework like Django or Flask
2. Some experience settings up systems :- Either hard boxes or cloud VMs(AWS, Rackspace)

Speaker bio

Nishad is a lead developer at Plivo Inc which is a platform for Voice and SMS applications. Nishad worked at Adobe for a few years and then moved to Plivo where he has written a good deal of the api interface between web and telephony. He is very passionate about python and believes in it's potential to combine performance and readability in easily expressible business logic.