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Data visualisation in PowerPoint with Python

by Anand S (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Technical level


This session will be an exploration of data visualisation, created in Python and rendered in PowerPoint, featuring topics ranging from politics, entertainment, sports and education. And you'll learn how you could create data visualisations in PowerPoint using Python.


What if Python created your slides for you?

What if it could create animations in PowerPoint that are not humanly possible to match in terms of fineness, accuracy or richness?

That's what this session aims to do. And to answer the inevitable question "But why PowerPoint?" all I have to say is: once you remove PowerPoint's user interface, the underlying canvas and rendering engine is as flexible as SVG or Inkscape.

Plus, corporates love paying for stuff like this.


A Windows system with PowerPoint and ActivePython installed

Speaker bio

Anand is the Chief Data Scientist at Gramener, a data analytics and visualisation company. He blogs at s-anand.net


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