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Django: Beyond Basics

by Arun Ravindran (speaking)

Web Development
Technical level


Help newcomers to Django understand how to go beyond the basic Django tutorial and think of building real applications. It might help anyone keenly interested in Django or any form of web programming, as well.


Learning programming is more fun when you can share your work with your friends. Django makes it possible to create powerful web applications which can be used by anyone and from anywhere. But even after reading tutorials it is hard to actually build interesting web applications.

This talk will cover:

  • Why Web Programming is Awesome and Hard
  • Common problems faced by beginners
  • How to improve
  • Learning Django
  • Patterns and Anti-patterns

This talk tries to bridge that gap from a beginner to a real world web-app builder. Learn Django best practices, tips and anti-patterns in this fun and informative session.


An open mind and basic understanding of Django or any python web framework.

Speaker bio

Arun Ravindran is an open source speaker and blogger. He is a long time Python and Django enthusiast with several several Django based websites under his belt. His screencast on building a blog in Django within 30 minutes went viral and was his recent claim to fame.