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Package and distribute your Python code

by Sanket Saurav (speaking)

Technical level


This talk focuses on packaging and distributing your Python package, so that it is easily installable through pip or easy_install. The talk covers best practices for specifying dependencies, package metadata, versioning and documentation.


So, you've written your nifty, super-useful Python package. Now what?

This session intends to to teach the attendee everything about packaging, documenting and distributing a Python package. Starting with packaging basics, OS-specific packaging, specifying package dependencies, including proper metadata, naming and versioning to finally distributing the package on PyPI, at the end of the session the attendee's package will be easily installable using tools like pip and easy_install. The talk will also emphasize on including proper tests for the package. The modules primarily used are distutils/distutils2 (2.x), packaging (3.x). The talk will also feature an introduction to build-systems like Buildout.


A computer, preferably running a flavor of Linux or *nix, with Python 2.x and Python 3.x. And your favorite text editor. (Mine's vim)

Speaker bio

I am a Pythonista, web-developer, and entrepreneur. I am the co-founder of CampusHash, where I give workshops on Python, Linux and web-development in colleges across India. I love Python, open-source and the Web.


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