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Internet of things - Arduino <3 Python

by Priya Kuber (speaking)

Embedded Python
Technical level


A workshop on Emailing & Tweeting with SMTP Library and python-twitter library and Arduino, interfacing with a simple security system designed by the participants.


Arduino can be accessed using pyserial library of Python. This workshop explores an opportunity to teach the control of Arduino via python for both Arduino and Python beginners.

The workshop would include the design of a simple security system wherein if the object that you are trying to protect is touched, it sends an alert.


Laptop, Arduino uno, Aluminium foil, box, rest of the sensors would be brought by the speaker, depending on the number of registrations.

Speaker bio

Priya Kuber works on Arduino and writes python to interact with objects. She runs the Arduino office in India.


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    [-] Siddharth Kulshresth 611 days ago

    I'd love to attend this :)

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    [-] Eeshan Chatterjee 544 days ago

    Me too! I've just started looking at the concept of the Internet of Things, and I think this should be a great learning opportunity!

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