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Openstack Workshop covering Intro to Basics and Installation

by Rahul Krishna Upadhyaya (speaking)

Technical level


Openstack is a collection of Projects aimed at IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) platform and is completely written in python. The objective is to introduce the various services and discuss the high level architecture of Openstack, to make it easy for folks attending pycon to become a contributor to Openstack project.


This would be the agenda for our session.

  1. Introduction to Virtualization and KVM
  2. Introduction to General concepts of Cloud Computing.
  3. Introduction to Openstack [ www.openstack.org ] and various components of Openstack.
  4. How to contribute to Openstack Project. [ Can Cover a session on Git, Gerrit and how to checkin code to Openstack ]
  5. A Handson Session on Installing Openstack on Ubuntu on a virtual box inside your windows machine by making it as easy as possible.
  6. Introduction to Unit testing, Integration testing and the Openstack project called tempest. good for students who want to start contributing.
  7. Request flow of a Use-Case of creating a VM on Openstack and show how Openstack Components Interact to do so.


1) Idea of working with Ubuntu, setting up networking and general trouble shooting would be of great help.
2) Little reading on Virtualization would be great.

Speaker bio

I want to propose this session on behalf of my complete iLearnStack team. The iLearnStack team would be taking this workshop together. iLearnStack is a group of individuals who are Openstack evangelists and help to add more people to the Openstack community by helping them bootstrap to Openstack, esp the college students.


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    [-] Ahmed Aeon Axan 560 days ago

    Would this be absolute basics or at least a bit advanced. I would attend if we are going to come out knowing enough to contribute back like Haris said. Not just an 'idea' about OpenStack.

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    [-] Haris Ibrahim K. V. 597 days ago

    If I can come out of this workshop knowing enough to contribute back to the project, then I'm in! Are there any software requirements we should satisfy before attending this session?

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    [-] Siddharth Kulshresth 557 days ago

    Same question as Ahmed Axan. How deeply will the speaker delve into the subject?

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    [-] Ashish Kulkarni 384 days ago

    Where can i attend this workshop? Is this available online?

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