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Implementation of pyCUDA

by Aditya Atluri (speaking)

Scientific Computing
Technical level


This talk not only focus on pyCUDA but also on codepy and Boost Python which made CUDA possible to integrate in python.


This talk starts with introduction to modules in python and how to implement them. Then, Boost python which helps codepy to implement metaprogramming in python. Then, on pyCUDA, how all the delivered talk gets together to form such a powerful package and implementation of pyCUDA. Implementation of Copperhead, the total scripting module for GPU.


Linux running NVIDIA GPU with new drivers and CUDA 5.5 install

Speaker bio

I am a computer geek. I love python.
My focus are parallel programming, compilers for multi-cored processors.
I program for fun. Develop search engines, websites.
Currently working for Dirt9.


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