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Distributed task processing using Celery

by Narahari Allamraju (speaking)

Technical level


To conduct a workshop that demonstrates how to build a Celery based real world application - for uses cases that are seen in banks and other non web related organizations - and what points to consider while designing the solution.


Celery is a distributed task queue for Python that is used by a large number of web applications to off load tasks that can be executed asynchronously. Celery is very versatile and can be used even in a non web scenario.

This workshop will demonstrate how we can use Celery for a use case that isn't a web site or a web application and is something which could happen in a hospital or a bank or any other such large organization. The focus will be on how we will design the solution to make the best use of Celery


Knowledge of Python and some understanding of distributed task execution.

Speaker bio

Hari is a Java developer with nearly 9 years of experience building large scale messaging platforms and electronic trading applications at an investment bank. He has been interested in Python for the last couple of years and has been using that in his daily assignments to prototype Java applications on Jython, develop basic Django web applications and to automate some routine tasks.

I am conducting a similar session at PyCon SG 2013 on 13th June. This workshop will build on top of that and add more content based on my feedback here. The slides above are what I am using as a rough outline for this workshop.

You can reach me on anarahari@gmail.com