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Python in Raspberry Pi

by Sudar Muthu (speaking)

Embedded Python
Technical level


  • Introduce Raspberry Pi
  • Different ways of using Python in Raspberry Pi
  • Interact with external devices using GPIO and I2C
  • Interact with external USB devices using PyUSB


Raspberry Pi is a credit card size computer, single board computer which was developed with the intention to promoting the learning of computer science in schools.

Python is the main programming language in Raspberry Pi. In fact
'Pi' in Raspberry Pi stands for Python.

This talk will introduce different ways by which we can program Raspberry Pi using Python and I will also be covering different ways by which we can interact with external hardware/devices from Python.


  • Good understanding of Python
  • Basic knowledge about Raspberry Pi
  • Basic knowledge about GPIO, I2C etc (optional)

Speaker bio

I build robots as a hobby and have given talks on how to interact with hardware using various technologies and tools.

For my day job, I work as a Research Engineer at Yahoo! Labs.


  • 1

    [-] Anand Chitipothu 623 days ago

    Awesome! Looking forward for this talk.

  • 1

    [-] Thyag Sundaramoorthy 613 days ago

    Looking forward to this. Please cover some "electronics" fundamentals for pure IT guys like me.

    • 1

      [-] Sudar Muthu 612 days ago

      Not sure if I will get enough time to cover electronics fundamentals. But will definitely cover the basics that you need to follow the talk.

      Even if I am not able to cover it during the talk, I will follow it up with blog posts.

      Also, are you looking for anything specific?

  • 1

    [-] 577 days ago (edited 577 days ago)

    Looking forward to attend your session.


  • 1

    [-] sridhar 572 days ago

    Very much interested and awaiting to attend..

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