Testing, TDD in Python

Srimathi H (~srimathi)


In this workshop, we will cover the importance of tests, introduce the paradigm of test driven development (TDD) and do a hands session of writing unit tests using pytest framework. The pytest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing for applications and libraries. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to start writing unit tests and understand the various nuances of testing, mocks, testing asynchronous functions etc.

We will cover in details how to mock and test: - Functions - Classes - Class members - Object members - Coroutines - External endpoints - DB connections - Exceptions - Async functions

We will try to answer the imperative question - Does TDD double the work?


Basics of Python

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This is a hands on workshop at one of the PyLadies Chapter meet in Chennai in March 2019. This workshop will add much more to this content based on the points discussed in the above "Description" section..

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Srimathi Harinarayanan is a Solution Consultant at Sahaj Software Solutions. She has close to 12+ years of experience building scalable server side solutions as well as client applications based off browsers and mobiles. Prior to joining Sahaj, she has worked at Thoughtworks as well as product companies like Oracle and Dell.

Manoj Kumar S is a Solution Consultant at Sahaj Software Solutions. Manoj joined Sahaj as a fresher. He has worked on Ruby on Rails, Javascript and HTML/CSS. He is currently working on different stacks of web frameworks. He loves to solve competitive programming and is always curious to learn new technologies. He is shaping himself to be a full stack developer. He actively contributes to several open source frameworks and loves to contribute back to technology ecosystem.

We would like to share our learnings from building robust backends with excellent code coverage via tests, benefits of it and our learnings from it.

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