Playing with Data by using of Python, Pandas

abhijeet mote (~abhijeet61)


Installation of the Pandas, Ipython package using Pip - Quick guide for Anaconda, Spyder [HTML_REMOVED]Check the installed version of python and pandas Reading csv/txt/excel/json file using Pandas [HTML_REMOVED]Understanding what is dataframe? [HTML_REMOVED] Understanding what is series Using head, tail, describe [HTML_REMOVED]Making hands dirty with data manupulation [HTML_REMOVED] Create a Pandas DataFrame [HTML_REMOVED] Create blank dataframes [HTML_REMOVED]Data Filtering [HTML_REMOVED] How To Select an Index or Column From a Pandas DataFrame [HTML_REMOVED] using lambda expression, [HTML_REMOVED] adding new columns to existing dataframe [HTML_REMOVED] joins of dataframes [HTML_REMOVED] Iterating the dataset [HTML_REMOVED] Filter, Sort and Groupby [HTML_REMOVED] Removing the blank values from dataframe [HTML_REMOVED] Replace values in dataframe(data transformation) [HTML_REMOVED]Playing with Time series data Writing the new dataframe into csv,excel,txt format [HTML_REMOVED]plot the dataframe using matplotlib(discuss other alternatives) [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Audience Level:Intermediate (Python programming experience is required) [HTML_REMOVED]


Basic of python and keen to play with data


Speaker Info:

I am Python Evangelist and enthusiastic about the open source technology. I am hosting the Python Penang Meetup group, and involving people to work on python programming stack and use it in a day to day life, also by sharing the knowledge acquired by me in this years. I give training to the students, teachers and enthusiastic developers without any cost, also mentor the students for their final year projects. I also contributed to Open source accounting software(GNU-Khata) and IITBombayX MOOCs platform.

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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