Machine Translation using Deep Learning

UTKARSH VARDHAN (~utkarsh09)


Machine translation (MT) is an important natural language processing task that investigates the use of computers to translate human languages automatically. Deep learning-based methods have made significant progress in recent years and quickly become the new de-facto paradigm of MT in both academia and industry. In this workshop ,we will cover the following:

  • Different types of Machine Translation Systems available in the industry. [15 mins]

  • Understanding different Neural Machine Translation Architectures and their Limitations. [10 mins]

  • Training and Validating different Neural Machine Translation Architectures on German to English Translation dataset. [100 mins]

    1. Seq2Seq -Encoder -Decoder Architecture
    2. RNN -Encoder -Decoder for Statistical Machine Translation
    3. Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning
    4. Seq2Seq with Attention
    5. Transformer -Attention is all you need!
  • Learning different evaluation metric to measure and evaluate these models. [20 mins]

    1. Perplexity
    2. BLEU Score
  • Q&A [5-10 mins]



Google Colab for the workshop


Basics of Pytorch

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Utkarsh Vardhan:- Currently working as a Data Scientist at Curl Analytics. Solving Computer Vision and NLP related problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Earlier worked at Worxogo Solutions as a Data Scientist. My role at Worxogo: Building and implementing the strategies behind data science solutions for the company with demonstrable ROI. Mostly focusing on applying machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing in the context of modeling and explaining Human Behavior.

Aman Pandey:- Currently working as Research Intern at Instoried. Solving Computer Vision and NLP related problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Together we organize Meetup at Bengaluru on a weekly basis where we discuss the current trends in deep-learning and it's surprisingly effective role in solving real case scenarios. This meetup aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea using ML and DL models. The strategy will be to focus more on Hands On experience first, and then, take you deeper into concepts. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are evolving extremely fast which makes the concepts invented last year, obsolete this year. Therefore we will cover mostly the latest concepts used in the industry. This meetup focuses on "how to build and understand", not just "how to use".

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