Machine Learning –Building Ensemble Models in Python



Machine Learning – Introduction to Ensembling and Building Ensemble Models

This workshop will give you a hands-on experience in this significant Machine Learning topic using Python and great insights towards each of the techniques. Ensemble techniques are being leveraged predominantly during Hackathons as it is a powerful method to build the model. Choosing the right ensembles is more of an art. You will understand the nuances about which ensemble learner to be used in different kinds of scenario as you solve more problems. Ensemble modeling can exponentially boost the performance of your model. Here, we will cover various ensemble learning techniques and execute few problems to get to know, how these techniques are applied in machine learning algorithms.

Agenda of the workshop:

• Basics of Ensemble Learning

• Ensemble Learning Techniques

• Pros and cons of Ensemble

• Building Various Ensemble models using Python


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of programming Python 3 installed in the laptop

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Padmapriya Mohankumar, Sr. Technical Product Manager at PayPal.

She is a Tech Evangelist with demonstrated expertise in diverse stack of Data and Business Intelligence Products, Data Warehousing, Tech Architecture, Big Data adoption solutions, Machine Learning, Analytics and Governance. She has been a Technology Influencer of various significant project implementations for Cisco, Apple, Bank of America in the past. She is highly passionate about the emerging trends and building futuristic products. She is a Computer Engineering Graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology and currently pursuing Post Graduate program in AIML

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