IoT Smart home locking and surveillance using chatbot control with embedded Python

Rajesh Kumar Thandapani (~rajesh_kumar)


This workshop demonstrates how to build a IoT smart home locking system that can be controlled by a mobile phone from any where using a chatbot service. The home door will be controlled using smart lock system (connected to a Rapberry PI), which will be hosting a secure chatbot server. The user can control the smart lock for opening/closing it remotely from anywhere by sending a command to the chatbot server. This will also include a remote surveillance/communication system using camera/microphones that can be controlled remotely by the user.

This has various practical use cases like remotely allowing entry into a house/room using smart locks. Also for secure delivery of parcels when the user is not physically present. Also for surveillance and monitoring of home premises.

The entire solution is implemented using Python (embedded and desktop) and demonstrates how to use python for various solutions


Basic Python knowledge. Some familiarity with Raspberry PI kind of devices.

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T. Rajesh Kumar Samuel Vijaykumar Madireddy

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Section: Embedded Python and IOT
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Beginner
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