Introduction to Self driving car

Steve Jose (~steve08)


Self-driving cars are a rapidly emerging technology in the field of artificial intelligence. The topic of AI and self-driving cars itself sounds difficult thereby discouraging many potentially talented innovators from entering this field. This is what my true objective is, bringing forward the simplicity and bottomless pit of innovation in this field and then starting off with building the popular self-driving cars. Of course my workshop does not contain a practical demonstration on real cars, in fact, I would be using the open source self-driving car simulation build by Udacity in unity. Behavioral cloning algorithm will be made in this workshop would be generalized for driving on all tracks.

Plan for the workshop:

  1. 1-2 minutes for introduction to me and then starting with the topic.
  2. 20 minutes (30 minutes if needed) I would like to introduce basic concepts of artificial intelligence, Artificial neural networks, and convolutional neural networks.
  3. 10 minutes for explaining the concept of self-driving cars and introducing Udacity's self-driving car simulator.
  4. 40 minutes (50 minutes if needed) for coding the AI
  5. 10 minutes checking out our hard work in motion, and sharing the connection links.

Finally, I'll finish off by giving my personal tips and suggestions to improve the technology. This will promote beginners in researching and implementing new AI models themselves.

The workshop should adjurn within 1 hour 50 minutes (take in consideration extra time for answering queries)


-> A laptop

-> basic python knowledge

-> jupyter lab installed

-> atom or any other text editor

-> Python libraries(optional):tensorflow(cpu or gpu) and keras installed

Python basics(Check it out even if you are not a beginner, good content):

Jupyter lab installation:

Atom download and install:

tensorflow installation:

keras installation:

Content URLs:


Speaker Info:

I am B-tech third-year student pursuing computer science, in Amity University. I am enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, and robotics. My most preferred computer language is python. I am a tech enthusiast and I love reverse engineering technology and build something amazing from it. My aim is to help humanity move forward by innovation and intelligence.

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