Hands-On Image Analytics Using OpenCV

Ankur Shukla (~ankur67)


This workshops aims at providing a hands-on experience to perform image analytics using edge detection and morphological operations using OpenCV and vanilla Python. This is a basic tutorial on computer vision to build fundamentals and see how can we do image analytics with traditional CV techniques

What do we aim to cover:

​1. How do computers store and understand images

2. Why Traditional CV in the age of CNNs/GANs

3. Cool stuff using image histograms

4. Leveraging Convolution Operation

5. Edge Detection

6. Mathematical morphology


There are no specific pre-requisites, however knowledge of OpenCV API, Matplotlib and Numpy would help

Content URLs:

I am developing the content on the following Github Repo : Foundation Course:

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Image Enhancement

Section 3: Edge and Morphology

Exercises would be based out of:

Speaker Info:

I am a Data Scientist at Deloitte Consulting. I consult clients from different industries on their data science problems. Python is my bread and butter and I use it extensively for my day to day machine learning and data analysis tasks. I am postgraduate from CSRE, IIT Bombay in Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Engineering. Majority of my work at CSRE was focused in satellite image processing using Python.

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
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