Getting Started with MicroPython

Vinay Keerthi K T (~vinay_keerthi)



This workshop will teach attendees how to get started with MicroPython. Users should carry their own nodemcu, available on the Amazon website. They can additionally carry a few jumper wires, and LEDs.

I will be showing users how to get started with MicroPython, showing them how to flash the firmware on the nodemcu.

Additionally, I will be showing attendees some simple design patterns for getting up and running with MicroPython.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is curious about running python on a tiny device. Anyone who has used MicroPython before, to learn some simple patterns for reusable code. Anyone who is new to embedded devices and is wondering how python holds up.


  • Introduction to MicroPython and the NodeMCU (15 minutes)
  • Flashing MicroPython on the NodeMCU (30 minutes)
  • Using the MicroPython REPL (15 minutes)
  • Using the WebREPL to load code (15 minutes)
  • Querying the Internet (10 minutes)
  • Blinking LEDs (15 minutes)
  • Putting it together (10 minutes)
  • Measuring Temperature and Humidity (15 minutes)
  • Making a Web Interface (15 minutes)
  • Questions (10 minutes)

Key Takeaways

MicroPython isn't just for kids Anyone can code for embedded devices! Bring your wildest electronics projects to life.


Basic understanding of Python. Some understanding of electronics, but not necessary. I learnt electronics by doing this stuff.


One nodemcu One microusb wire for data transfer / powering the nodemcu Jumper cables Assorted LEDs

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Vinay Keerthi is a self taught programmer, currently working at Visa Inc.

He loves building things with MicroPython, and making the Internet of Things more than a buzzword.

He has used MicroPython for several things, including a coffee machine with a web interface and a bookshelf search engine which tells him where his books are by lighting up. Seriously.

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