Getting started with Machine Learning



This workshop will focus on how to get started on Machine Learning, what are the different prerequisites of getting started with Machine Learning.

Here, people will get to know about what it takes to become a Machine Learning Engineer. This workshop is going to be completely hands-on. The topics that are going to be covered in the workshop are:

  1. Linear Regression
  2. Logistic Regression
  3. Fundamentals of Neural Network

Also, understand what the essentials you'll have to know to understand Machine Learning so that it doesn't seem like a black box to you.

Setup for the workshop:

  • Download anaconda package from the link provided below. (Make sure you have anaconda3 and not anaconda2 as we are going to work with Python3 and not Python2)
  • Install anaconda on your system.

That's all the setup you'd need for the workshop.


  • Basic understanding of Python (Till functions) (Resource link provided below)
  • NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib (Resource link provided below)
  • 10th standard Mathematics

The links 1 and 2 are the resource and the 3rd link is for setting up the environment for the workshop.

Speaker Info:

Hi, my name is Kaustubh and I'm a Machine Learning Enthusiast. I graduated from VTU in June 2018. I've taught Machine Learning to many students at the company that I am working. I'm currently working on a lot of problems in Computer Vision and alongside I'm looking to work on a lot of problems on NLP and RL.

I've given my profile links below.

Feel free to connect with me and discuss anything related to ML. I'd like to learn a lot from all of you. 😄

Speaker Links:

Here's my GitHub profile:

Here's my LinkedIn profile:

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Beginner
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