Design of an Open Source Powerful Alternative to MATLAB using Python.



The workshop mainly focuses to give the attendee the real taste and potential of Python. It focuses on the creation of an Open Source Alternative to MATLAB with the help of Python and its associated libraries. The following sub-topics are taken into consideration:

  1. Introduction and explanation of the following libraries :
  2. Numpy/Scipy for numerical operations.
  3. Cython for low-level optimization.
  4. IPython for interactive work.
  5. MatPlotLib for plotting.
  6. Jupyter Notebook for work sharing.

  7. Providing an in-depth comparison of Python and MATLAB. Explanation of why one should divert to Open Source Technologies. Additionally, providing knowledge of Contribution to Python Community.

  8. Demonstration and integration of the above-mentioned libraries to create an alternative to MATLAB for research.
  9. Providing an introduction to other libraries not limited to SQLAlchemy, PyTables, PyQt, TreeDict, Sage etc. [The explanation of the fourth point depends on the time constraint].


  1. Introduction to Open- Source Technologies and Python: Helping attendees to understand the importance and methods to contribute and collaborate (10 minutes).
  2. Introduction to Numpy and Scipy. Explanation of the use with practical life application. (12 minutes).
  3. Helping attendees to understand Cython for low-level optimization (12 minutes).
  4. Using IPython and demonstration of its potential for interactive work (12 minutes).
  5. Helping user to understand the potential of matplotlib. (10 minutes).
  6. Providing the user with the methods to share and distribute their work using Jupyter Notebook. (10 minutes).
  7. Helping user to understand the potential of Python over MATLAB (15 minutes).
  8. The building of an interactive tool with the help of the above libraries to provide powerful features similar to MATLAB (30 minutes).
  9. Discussion on other libraries- SQLAlchemy, PyTables, PyQt, TreeDict, Sage etc. (Based on time availability).


The attendees of the workshop must have knowledge of basic Python and method to write code using it, rest all will be explained during the workshop.

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Animesh Srivastava is a M.Tech Student at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur, India. In the past, he has worked contributed to the development of various open source projects including Development of DSL for Neuromorphic Simulator at University of Lille, CNRS, France and building of a 3-D Scanner at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India.

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  1. Github Profile: Animeshsrivastava24.

  2. Linkedin.

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