Demystifying Docker for Devs

Sanchit Balchandani (~sanchit3)


Docker has been a must-have tool these days for faster pace development and to better ship your code on production. So with this workshop, we'd like to shorten the getting started time and probably the time which someone would invest to adopt Docker into their projects. The motto of this workshop would be very simple - we'd like to start from scratch and build over to advance topics with the help of hands-on demos so that in the end attendees know enough to start using Docker.

Also, we'll be sharing industry best practices, so that one doesn't need to spend time or re-do the same research we or the community might have done already.

Here is the outline of the workshop (Total time - 2 Hours)

  • Introduction to Docker and Containers
  • Basics of Docker Images
  • Dockerizing a Basic Python App (Demo)
  • Dockerizing Multiple Microservices (Demo)
  • Intro to Docker Compose
  • Dockerizing Multiple Microservice using DC (Demo)
  • Another Demo on Docker-Compose (covering some advanced features)
  • Best Practices of Docker & Docker-Compose
  • Intro to Docker Volumes & Networking
  • Intro to Orchestration


  • Basics of Python and Web Development
  • Basics of Linux
  • A Laptop with Docker Installed

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Speaker Info:

Sanchit Balchandani - Sanchit has been into the IT industry from last 9 years and has been doing a lot of Python and Web Development projects from quite a few years along with some DevOps(SRE) work recently. He loves to write code in Python and likes to be involved with the community. He is a core member of Hyderabad Python User Group and actively takes parts in HydPy's monthly meetups.

Arun Chaudhary - Arun is a tech wizard pertaining to technologies like DevOps, Containers, Kubernetes, Configuration management, CI/CD, Cloud, OS Internals etc and has been into the IT industry from last 6 years.

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Arun Chaudhary -

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Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Beginner
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