Debian Packaging of python modules

MANAS-KASHYAP (~Manas-kashyap)


It will be a Hands-on to pack some small modules of python for Debian, and also to update the old python modules that are already there which are not updated with the upstream version , It will also cover some tools like dh_make and other tools like lintian , and fixing some patches using Quilt . This will be a basic to the advanced workshop and also it will give a brief knowledge about what is Debian packaging and how it works and most important why apt rather than pip .



Laptop with Debian sid in the docker. or in virtual machine

good internet connection.

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I am currently a Third​ year Computer Science​ student pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Amity University, Noida, India. An open-source enthusiast & a passionate learner. I also like to contribute to open source projects (like Android-development, Web development , dockers). I am also part of debian javascript , ruby , go , Medical , python packaging teams and pkg security team . I am also Developer in and (open source community) and I really like to learn new technologies and likes to experiment with them.

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