Creating 3D Environments

Ashish Dantu (~ashish45)


Avengers, Aquaman, Spiderman, Angry birds movie, Coco, Monsters Inc, KungFu Panda, Ready Player One, Assasin's Creed. Have you watched / played these brilliant movies and games ? Do you wonder how these are brought to the screens ?

We from Digital Domain India, bring this workshop to share some of the movie making concepts and challenges. Software engineering (python being our integral glue) is a critical aspect which empowers VFX/Animation processes. Through this workshop, we invite everyone to participate and see how we can create and manipulate 3D environments, used in every film, teleseries, game, VR productions.

The workshop is designed to have following sections :

  1. Intro to workshop (10 mins) - We will briefly discuss why/how is 3D medium used in content creation, what creative depts are associated and what do they do.
  2. Software env setup (10 mns) - Setup Python/Pyglet/Ratcave environment and briefly understand what these modules are.
  3. Load a given 3D terrain object and visualize it (20 mins) - We will then analyze what kind of organic objects could be scattered on it to help stage a story point in this environment.
  4. Scattering objects (60 mins) - We will showcase a pre-built version of this system and it's results. Then we discuss and code few ways of scattering few organic objects. The rules for distribution will control transforms, scales, rotations to achieve a natural looking distribution.
  5. Adding variations (30 mins) - In this section, we further explore how we can use multiple organic objects to make the environment richer and discuss how to get closer to a natural looking setup.
  6. Q&A (20 mins) - We will dedicate some time to answer any queries attendees may have.

This workshop is also intended to raise the awareness about VFX/Animation industry contexts. This industry has alot of software programming teams who cover writing artist facing tools, microservices, python/c++ apis, CI/CD, research and development etc.


  • Python 2.7
  • Pyglet 1.3.2
  • Ratcave 1.0.3
  • OS Any
  • No prior 3D programming (pyglet, ratcave) required, just python

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Click here to see the "Creating 3D Environements" workshop details

We highly recommend watching this Pycon 2018 talk by our colleague Sreenivas, where he talks about the "Amazing world of animation - powered by python"

Speaker Info:

Speaker Info:

We are a group of software engineers from the "Pipeline TD" team of Digital Domain India. Each of them have a part to play in the workshop and we come as a group to ensure we are able to troubleshoot any issues/queries from the attendees. The team comprises of :

  • Sai Aparna Ramamurthy, Software Engineer and loves working with 3D artists
  • Srikanth Sreeram, artist turned into python programmer
  • Jesin Roy, an investment banker once, now a simulation pipeline programmer
  • Garvit Verma, programmer who loves to build VFX pipelines
  • Ashish Dantu, Pipeline Supervisor

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Section: Game Design and 3D Modelling
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Target Audience: Beginner
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