Chatbots using NLP, Dialogflow & Contact Center AI

shilpa garg (~shilpa70)


How we will Start:

  • What is chatbot?
  • Why a chatbot?
  • Usage of NLP techniques while Data Cleaning
  • Tools available to build one - Intro to Dialogflow and Google CCAI
  • Demo of few chatbots & Creating a chatbot from Scratch.

What can attendees expect at the end:

  • Steps Required to Clean Data using NLP
  • Data Preprocessing using Python & NLP
  • Creating Chatbot Using Dialogflow


  • Basics of Python
  • Laptops with internet
  • Python 3.7
  • Pycharm/Jupyter
  • Gmail Account to access Dialogflow

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Speaker Info:

Shilpa Garg is working as Senior Software Engineer in Conduent primarily in Machine Learning Domain, with around 4.5 years of overall industry experiene in Development Domain.

She is serving WTM New Delhi Ambassador , She is also serving as Google MLCC Facilitator and also Mentor as 1million women to tech by Oxford Entrepreneurs. She has mentored around 3000+ students in various cities across Punjab, Haryana & Delhi NCR.

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