Chatbots 101

Bhavani Ravi (~bhavaniravi)


Workshop Goal

  1. New technologies can be scary but not difficult
  2. An Idea on what's and why's of chatbot
  3. Taste on how easy it is to build one
  4. A couple of chatbots that you can show off to others

Intro to Topic: - 20 minutes

  1. What is chatbot?
  2. Why a chatbot?
  3. Web app vs Chatbot
  4. Tools available to build one
  5. Demo of few chatbots

What Attendees You Make

The workshop escalates from something basic to something useful.

  1. Chatbot in 5 lines(Without NLP) - 10 minutes
    • echo bot - A bot that repeats you
    • Search bot - A google search bot
    • A bot that draws shapes as you tell them()
  2. Draw bot without NLP - 1 hour
    • Using Dialogflow/RasaNLU
  3. Build your own chatbot - 1 hour


  1. Laptops with internet
  2. Python 3.7
  3. Pycharm
  4. Familiar with Python

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Speaker Info:

Bhavani Ravi is a Software Engineer with a passion for technology, an eye for product management, and an OCD for clean, scalable and quality code. Even though her career is enough to keep her busy, she likes to pay forward all the motivation and support she received by running tech communities.

She runs two tech communities in Chennai: Build2Learn, where she motivates college students to learn technology by building cool stuff, and WomenTechMakers, where she enables a forum for talented women to explore the male-dominated tech world. Outside of development and communities, she is a writer, wannapreneur, and constant learner. talks more about her than this description.

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