Anomaly Detection - Theory and Application

Govind Kumar (~govind90)


Anomaly Detection is a broad spectrum ML technique that has application across multiple sectors - from fraud detection to issue identification, from banking to industrial organization This session will help the participants understand the different anomaly detection techniques, their pros and cons and when they are applicable. Use cases from real life scenarios will also be covered.


Basic knowledge of statistics, programming concepts and python

A keen interest in problem solving and numbers

Please bring your datasets for discussion.

You can bring your laptop with python or r preloaded for the session. This is not mandatory though.

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Course will cover the following:

Introduction to Machine Learning and AI - 30 mins Introduction to Anomaly Detection - 30 mins Different Anomaly Techniques - 40 mins Case studies from real world scenario - 30 minutes Using anomaly detection in your work area - 30 mins Summary and wrap up - 20 minutes

Speaker Info:

This session will be conducted by Govind Kumar, who runs an award winning analytics and AI startup - SeaportAi ( He has over 2 decades of industry experience in Indian and Global MNCs before starting his own venture 2 years back. He is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and he has done his engineering and MBA.

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