Animating Math with manim

Purusharth Saxena (~purusharth54)


What is manim? Manim, short for Math Animations is an animation engine used by Grant Sanderson (aka 3b1b) for his explanatory youtube videos.

This python package is already up at PyPI as version 0.1.6 ( The USP of manim is that its animations are aesthetic and easy to render. In fact, working with manim is pretty straightforward, the documentation, however, is not. Someone with basic Python knowledge can pick it up and start using it within a couple of hours. The transformations of objects are abstracted to a single function to such a level, that once a bird's eye view of manim incepted, it'll be enough to create production class videos.

What will this workshop cover?

  • Installing manim. (10 mins)
  • Creating a scene with geometric Objects and working with different shapes. (15 mins)
  • Writing text on the Scene. (5 mins)
  • Rotating and Transforming Objects. (10 mins)
  • Creating Shapes, axes, complex transformation, non-linear transformation. (30 mins)
  • Important Manim Functions & VMobject (15)
  • Creating 3D functions, Number plane, Parametric Functions (25 mins)
  • Breaking down an example video (10 mins)
  • Source code walkthrough ( (20 mins)
  • Contribution opportunities with manim, Q&A (10 mins)

The audience will learn about different parts of manim through hands-on experience by rendering example code and exercise. [HTML_REMOVED] A talk on the same theme (Animating Math Using manim) was given (and well received) at SciPy India 2018, and BangPypers April 2018 Meetup.


Basic Python (Function Calls, Dictonaries and OOP concepts) with High School Mathematics (2D and 3D geometry). [HTML_REMOVED]Knowledge of latex is an added bonus, but not required.

OS Requirements: Linux, Mac OS * [HTML_REMOVED]

System Requirements: [HTML_REMOVED]

  • Cario
  • Sox
  • ffmpeg
  • Latex

Python Packages: manim (python3 -m pip install manimlib)

Content URLs:

GitHub Link: [HTML_REMOVED] Wordpress: [HTML_REMOVED] Rendered Videos (Sample):

Speaker Info:

I am passionate about mathematics, computer science, and the sweet spot where both of them infuse together. I have experience with python for about 4 years now. I have given various talks and workshops in Python (Including Scipy India, and Bangpypers, and 3 Day Workshop on Data Analysis Using Python - Christ University ). And have taken a 3-semester Certificate Course in Data Analysis using python.[HTML_REMOVED] I am interested in Simulations and HPC.[HTML_REMOVED]

I am currently working on a project in IITB involving manim and mathematical animations

Speaker Links:

Wordpress: [HTML_REMOVED] GitHub:

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