"User Authentication System"

Sarthak Deshwal (~sarthak3)




User authentication is an system created using the light web-framework of python - 'FLASK'.

The system registers and later authenticates the user using the secure methods. It can deployed and integrated with any system, so that they can focus on other features of their website.

In Dev Sprint, I'll be replicating this system and will teach how to build such systems and other web-apps using Python (FLASK framework).


  1. Zeal to learn python, python based micro web-frameworks and solve real life problems using them.
  2. Familiarity with the syntax of Python

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Github Repsitory Link : Source Code here

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Sarthak Deshwal is an undergraduate student with a appreciable experience in Python & development using Python. He has solved more than 250 questions on Codeforces using python. His daily works are highly automated by Python He has worked CampK12 as a tech-leader and is researcher of Intigni Code. Currently working on social networking site which will specifically focus on his college. He loves to build things using Python that can ease the life and solve real-world problems.

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Github Profile Link : My github repository

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