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Tapasweni Pathak (~tapasweni-pathak)




Systers has many volunteers and potential volunteers that offer their skills, time and commitment to our vision. However, there is no system in place to track volunteers, their hours, and run reports. Many volunteers actually track and report their volunteer hours with Systers/ABI to their employers. The employers in turn may provide an incentive and often times match their hours volunteering with a monetary donation to the institute. Additionally, as part of their internal current process, companies contact ABI finance department to verify hours worked by their employees/volunteers that was reported. ABI finance confirms volunteer hours with Systers program manager and has to send that confirmation back to the company. The new implemented VMS will manage volunteer contact information, track hours and events they worked, and providing reporting functionality.

This project is under active development.

You can find all the instruction to get started with it, here.

Development Environment

Language: Python

Framework: Django


This for anyone who want to get started with contributing to open source projects.

We have task for beginners, people who consider themselves intermediates in Python, Django. As well as we would love to have fixes and features from people who know Python, Django very well.

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I'm Tapasweni Pathak. I'm working with SAP Labs as a Software Developer and mentoring Systers Google Summer of Code Student for VMS Project.

I love to code.

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Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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