Start contributing to OpenStack

Swapnil Kulkarni (~coolsvap)




OpenStack is the most popular Open Source Python project today with developers from more than 200+ companies actively contributing to the source code.

Get Started with Contributing to OpenStack with some of the selective bugs to start up


  • Knowledge of Python
  • Basic knowledge of virtualization, storage concepts

Content URLs:

OpenStack Nova -

OpenStack Tempest -

OpenStack Cinder -

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Works @RedHatSoftware, Contribute to @OpenStack, follow #BigData #Docker #Cloud #Virtualization write @ me @

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Section: Core Python
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
Last Updated:

Hey Swapnil, I see your workshop is selected for this year PyCon India. Just for information Devsprint and workshop will be happening parallel. Am not sure how will you manage both places ?

Vijay Bang (~vijaybang)

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