Scapy - Packet crafting and Manipulation Tool

Suraj Deshmukh (~suraj3)




Scapy is a networking tool with which you can craft packets as you like, sniff them, store them and replay them, make protocols of you own, play around on networks, make network exploitation tools and much more.


For Dev-sprint, clone the source code as mentioned here also install scapy on your machine locally to play around with it. Once source code is cloned its very easy to run developer version of scapy just open the directory and

$ sudo ./run_scapy

and there you go into developer version of scapy. If any further instructions needed they will be added here


Basic Networking concepts, TCP/IP, protocols knowledge will help understanding software better.

Content URLs:

This is link to Scapy home, Read some documentation of scapy and get youself familiarised with the software usage, so its easier to understand bugs and track them down and read scapy code online.

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i am a Software developer from Pune, love Python, Computer Networking and Security.

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