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Vivek Venugopalan (~vivek5)




This is a django app that will help in obfuscation of production databases of DJango applications. Most development teams run into problems where an issue occurs only in production. Unforunately production data contains sensitive or personally identifiable information that cannot be handed over to development teams easily. This django app attempts to address this problem by providing an easy way to obfuscate data in various django models. This is a tool developed internally that we have used in a few projects. We have decided to open source this project under the apache license.


  • Good knowledge of Django
  • Have a few applications deployed in production to help appreciate the problem statement
  • Good appreciation of developing high quality python code (PEP8 we respect!)

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Vivek Venugopalan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fantain Sports. He is responsible for technology strategy and development of fan engagement and analytics assets for the firm. Fantain sports provides sports teams and leagues the ability to improve fan engagement and bring predictable revenue across all their digital and physical touch points with the Fans. He brings in extensive experience in Online retail from North America and Europe and has spear headed new eCommerce platform rollout for various global retailers. He has over 20 years of technology and data strategy experience and was formerly the General Manager for the Retail and Consumer Goods division at Wipro and has been an advisor for the fortune 100 Retailers in their digital and online strategies. He possesses a Masters in Computer.

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