Dev sprints for Kivy

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)




Those willing to get familiar with kivy( can come and start work on anything related to kivy.

Those already familiar with kivy can work on existing issues or translations or documentation.

Those who attended the workshop or missed out can continue/start experimenting with the code or extend it.

Sub projects of the kivy framework can be worked on too.


Go through the contributing guide

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Speaker Info:

I have been working with linux, open source off and on since the last 13+ years, I only got into contributing back open source with kivy since the last 4+ years.

I am one of the core devs at kivy You can take a look at my public work here

The project has a amazing open community always open to help and to embrace new comers. Don't hesitate to come join us at #kivy on

I have been a mentor for gsoc projects around kivy for the last three years, this being my fourth year.

Professionally I have been freelancing around mobile development and other projects around and using kivy for 4+ years.

Speaker Links:

I held a well received workshop last year on pycon 2014 the presentation link is

My open source contributions can be looked at using my github account

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Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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