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Python Express !!

What is Pythonexpress ?

Pythonexpress is the platform for colleges and tutors to come together and help students to start their carrier path towards innovation by teaching python with realtime senarious.

Last year we conducted more than 100+ workshops via pythonexpress with the tremendous response that we got last year both in terms of trainers willing to teach, as well as colleges and institutions willing to organize workshops. Both these factors made us think, "Why stop with just one month?". Hence, Python Express is going to be an ongoing effort.

What are we going to do ?

We are going to redesign our portal with Django , This year we are going to create engaging learning platfrom for students to improve their learning after our workshop.


  • Good knowledge of Django
  • Good Python concepts

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I have been working with linux, infrastructure setup and open source technologies since the last 10+ years.

Past two years i have worked with multiple government projects towards people skill development, currently working on my startup idea which help people to improve their professional skills in their knowledge domain.

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Section: Django
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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