Contribute to Bottle framework.

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This is a session to contribute bottle framework in python. So if you are a college guy who says, " I have done C programming in my first year and thats what I know about coding. My python expert frind has draged me here and he is attending session info asycronous programming using twisted which doesn't make any sense to me.I don't know exactly what to do." . Well being an electronics guy I faced this problem when I attended my first sprint so I think I understand you. So

  • What do I need to do here?

     Contribute what else.
  • What do I need to come with?

    Your most loved text editor. Preferably come with git installed. Thats it.
  • What are the things we will be working on?

    Bottle Framework: A python single file microframework. I am using bottle as it has no dependnecy and has a one page documnetation which is pretty easy to explain within small amount of time so that you can get started to contributing within no time. And as this framework is in very nascent stage and not as mature as django or any other framework so it would be easy to figure out some new feature and start contributing.  
    Bottle Plugin: A lot of interesting plugin can be made out of bottle framework and there is huge room in this space.
    Git: I will help you make your first contribution on python.
  • While I be able to make a show able thing after this sprint?

    I am pretty sure you will. In most dev sprint after a night of hacking you end up in just forking a project in your local machine and compiling it. But as bottle framework is a single file framework, so you will be up with your setup within no time and will actually start to code within few minutes. Moreover it will be pretty hard for a beginner to work on a project with huge code base and lot of files cause it takes time to get accustomed with the file structure and code workflow but in case of bottle as it is a single file framework so it won't be tough for you to understand the workflow and start working.
  • I am an advanced developer. What should I do ?

     I can help you to contribute in some advanced plugins where you can get a hands on idea of asynchronous programming or non-sql database and of course you can help other people solve their issue, a helping hand is always welcome.
  • What do I take home?

     At least one git commit and a confidence to work on small framework .


Nothing. This only thing you require is to start.

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Am a opensorce enthrusiast and fast prototype builder who loves things to be simple . I have previouly worked on Mailman, Geeko, Nodejs, ROS and module devlopment in Drupal but while working on these projects and by meeting the opensource commmunity of these projects I started to understand that the toughest part of all of these project is to get started. So now I work on making things simple so that even people who doesn't even know what object means can attend a sprints and atleast make something out of it and get started. Besically now I am a community builder who helps non-coders to code and getting started.

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