PyTest Optimization - Supercharging Your CircleCI Pipeline for Efficient Testing

Martin Siby (~martin6)




👋 Introduction: Are you tired of waiting ages for your tests to complete? Sure yes, Testing is a critical aspect of software development but it is a hindrance if not optimised and optimizing the testing process is vital to ensure fast, reliable, and efficient CI/CD workflows. In this talk, we will explore PyTest optimization techniques and how they can be effectively applied to supercharge your CircleCI pipeline.

🎯 Objectives: The primary objectives of this talk are: 1. To provide attendees with a deep understanding of the challenges and bottlenecks commonly encountered in testing workflows within the CI/CD ecosystem. 2. To present practical strategies and best practices for optimizing PyTest within a CircleCI pipeline. 3. To offer actionable insights and demonstrations that attendees can apply to their own projects immediately.

💡 Topics Covered:

  • Overview of CircleCI and its role in the CI/CD ecosystem.
  • Identifying common challenges and bottlenecks in testing workflows.
  • Leveraging PyTest’s powerful features and plugins for faster and more reliable test execution.
  • Techniques for optimizing test suite parallelization and distribution.
  • Strategies for effective management of test environments using CircleCI’s infrastructure.
  • Fine-tuning test configuration and improving reporting for actionable insights.
  • Live demonstrations and examples highlighting the implementation of testing optimizations.

📈 Expected Outcomes:

Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of PyTest optimization techniques and their practical applications in a CircleCI pipeline. They will be equipped with actionable strategies to significantly improve testing efficiency, reduce testing time, and enhance the overall quality of their Python applications. This talk aims to empower developers at all skill levels to optimize their testing practices and deliver reliable software with confidence.


  • This session aims to empower developers with practical strategies to optimize PyTest within their CI/CD workflows.
    • The talk will focus on Python-specific testing practices and highlight the transformative impact of PyTest optimization on overall pipeline efficiency.

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Hello there, my name is Martin Siby, and I am a Senior Backend Engineer at Certa, where I have the privilege of working on solving third-party ingestion challenges for enterprises like Walmart, Pepsi, Grubhub, etc . My focus lies in serverless technology and cloud integration using Python.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I have a genuine passion for optimizing infrastructure and pipelines, which has become a fulfilling hobby. It's a fascinating journey that keeps me constantly seeking ways to improve and streamline systems, always eager to learn and grow.

In the past, I've had the opportunity to participate in hackathons, and I've been fortunate enough to receive a few prizes along the way. While I haven't been as active in recent events, I've shifted my focus to contribute towards developer empowerment. I find joy in writing blogs, mentoring aspiring developers, and collaborating with talented minds worldwide on open-source projects.

If you'd like to know more about my journey, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm always open to meeting new people and learning from their experiences. Let's explore the exciting possibilities together!

I have experience in presenting project proposals, explaining products at hackathons, conducting seminars, and organizing conferences. Additionally, I have successfully coordinated a tech fest during my college tenure. links:


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